Dock Lagoon Lighting 

What is Lagoon Lighting?

A Lagoon Light is a fixture designed for underwater applications.
These LED fixtures illuminate water at night casting an amazing glow in, and around your Dock giving it a "LAGOON FEEL".

Your Lagoon Lights will either be installed on the lakebed or affixed to the pilings on your Dock based on the application.
The underwater lighting will cast shadows, creating a cool reflection off of the Dock structure, and hull of your boat.

We offer single color (blue or green), or RGB Lagoon Lighting.

Blue is our most popular color, as it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Green attracts fish, making it an ideal choice for fishing with the kids. It is just as equally a popular choice.

Our RGB option with its included App will allow the customization of underwater lighting to your color, and theme imagination.

Keep in mind, not all underwater lighting products are the same. Unproven, and inferior products will not last!
We install hundreds of these annually and have taken the worry out of guessing as to which product is the best.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information regarding our underwater lighting. 

Here are some examples of customer selections down below: