Dock Lighting Design with Industry leading LED Lighting Products

Dock Lighting Design with Industry leading LED Lighting Products

Think about have created a "get-away" a few steps from your back door.
It feels like every day is a vacation... WE GET IT!
As those hot summer days turn into sunset evenings, you're going to need some Dock lighting.
Docks have come a long way from the simple one incandescent light bulb dangling out there-lol.

Yes, we were there in the beginning...
and... yes, the development and integration into LED Dock lighting was a bumpy road.

LKN Electric eventually teamed up and shared our expertise and experience in the installation of Dock electrical systems with a lighting manufacture. Out of that encounter, this lighting company would go on to design and produce a line of products specifically tailored to Dock's! 

This Company would become the centerpiece of our Dock lighting designs and installed products.
Over our 15-year relationship together, product performance continues to even get better...
The best is yet to come! 

 Through some trial-and-error, we eventually worked out our installation methods for these new products.
As this was happening the LED manufacture was perfecting their products and dialing in the required quality.

Along with their evolving RGB versatility, the LED's (Light Emitting Diode's) last so much longer compared to traditional lamps, that now our standard Dock lighting packages include a 10-year manufacture product warranty!

As part of our contract to you, LKN will provide a professionally prepared CUSTOM lighting design & drawing.
This is included with EVERY Dock lighting package we install!
We realize this is very important, as it will include your ideas expressed to us during our pre-construction meeting.
Our Dock lighting installations are custom and there is no "one-size-fits-all". 

"NO COMPETITOR" offers this level of service! 

Our completion WILL NOT present a lighting drawing to you or look for your pre-approval.
WHY IS THAT? Why should you be expected to "HOPE" they get it right?

At Lake Norman Electric,
We don't expect you to "HOPE" when dealing with us!
Were the experts at creating and installing LED Dock Lighting systems.
Our design will complement your WANTS and VISION

It's a simple fact in lighting design, that the correct installation for any lighting application (especially Dock Walkway lights) is to minimize glare and create a "low" ambient light glow which is safe, effective while keeping an eye to a subtle mood.
We have countless examples of this exact installation method we would be happy to share with you.

There are some Dock lighting "installers" out there that will give you excuses about this fact and take the easy route selling & installing their Dock walkway lighting mounted in the floor..."shining" straight back at you... AMATEURS!
Get your night sunglasses ready!

The CORRECT installation is in the handrail posts.
Its DIFINITELY not easy and its time consuming!
But no GLARE, and no sunglasses! It's a seamless installation!
(As would be expected NO wire's will be visible and NO structural issues.)

This is just another one of the differences between the BEST (LKN) and the rest... WE DON'T CUT CORNER'S!

As the "GO TO" Electrical Contractor for Dock Power and Lighting.

Lake Norman Electric


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