Why Hire A STATE LICENSED Electrical Contractor 

For Your Dock Power & Lighting Project?


During your Contractor Selection and Due Diligence, 




Electrical Codes Can be Difficult to Understand

Electrical code requirements are there to keep YOU safe. If you were not an electrician there's no way you would be able to navigate an Electrical Code Book. (it spins us around sometimes! lol) When you hire the professionals at Lake Norman Electric, you are employing a company of people who have a complete understanding of how electricity works. We always have the answer or nowhere to find it! You won’t have to worry about delays from failed inspections by us.

You Won’t Be Prepared for the Unexpected

No matter how many manuals or how-to guides you read, you won't be prepared for an unexpected electrical issue that requires an understanding of electricity. During the project, a problem may arise that you won’t know how to address it.  At Lake Norman Electric, we ALWAYS know a safe and code compliant way to resolve an issue.  

Improper Work May Lead to Future Issues and Injury

If you complete the job without any obvious complications, you may think you did everything correct. (even if an inspector has looked at your work) However, you may have created underlying problems without even realizing it. Some issues may not present themselves until it’s too late and someone has gotten hurt or become an expensive fix.
It’s better to make sure your job gets done right the first time.
Hire the professionals at Lake Norman Electric.

If you need electrical help in the Lake Norman area, CONTACT US TODAY for quality work. 

We specialize in DOCK LIGHTING, and underwater lighting systems.

Qualified Electrical Contractors

Lake Norman Electric has over 44 years in the electrical business, which gives us the experience to tackle ANY problem.
We have provided this LINK on what is a Qualified Electrical Contractor. LKN meets ALL the requirements of a qualified contractor.
With any project, you can expect that we install the latest in electrical system components along with all materials installed on job by LKN will be new

Annually our staff will on average produce over 150 lighting designs that usually end with LKN installing on DOCK POWER AND LIGHTING PROJECTS.
On residential new homes or home remodels with input from the GC or Homeowner we design and install a code compliant electrical system.
We service both residential and commercial customers within our service area of North and South Carolina

Whether you're building from the ground up or need electrical upgrade to an existing structure, Lake Norman Electric can handle your electrical Installation and Design.
Contact us for your upcoming project big or small. With 44 years of experience were qualified to assist you.