Generator Installations

Residential & Commerical Generator Installations

Lake Norman Electric offers both Residential & Commercial stand by power systems.

After we have an initial on-site visit to discuss your needs, we will provide a detailed proposal sizing the exact Generator to meet those requirements. 

Generator installations can be designed to power your entire home or limited to specific appliances and critical systems.

It can be designed around whatever your wants are.

With today's Generator systems, sheading modules can be installed that seamlessly take away and add loads based on your priority's.

Systems are available in LP, Natural Gas or Diesel

LKN has experience in the installation of ALL Generator manufactures and models.

Keep in mind Generators require routine maintenance similar to an oil change on your car.

LKN Electric offers these scheduled maintenance plans that help to keep your generator in peak condition for a long service life. This will provide you with a peace of mind that when the power goes out, your backup generator will be ready!